Lithgow Drug Action Taskforce Summary

In June 2019 the Alcohol and Drug Foundation invited the Lithgow Local Drug Action Team to participate as a pilot site for the Planet Youth Model.  

Throughout November and December of 2019, with the support of local schools, the year 10 cohort took part in the internationally standardised Planet  Youth Survey which was designed and delivered by the Icelandic Centre for Social Research and Analysis.  

The data enclosed are the results of that survey. Please treat the findings as sensitive, being mindful of the possible impact this data could have on the  perceptions of young people, parents and the community.  


Seventy-nine Year 10 students from the Lithgow LGA participated in the survey. Lithgow is one of five pilot sites for Planet Youth Australia with participants  drawn from NSW and SA. In total 1194 participated in the survey.  

Moving forward:  

With the support of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation and in consultation with schools, organisations and the community; the Lithgow Local Drug Action  Team will work towards strengthening our community and young people’s protective factors.