It Takes a Village and it's Resources

Like every community, the villagers of Lithgow care about their youth. We want them to grow up health and happy, to have good jobs, strong networks of family and friends and a long productive life-living the dream! And we want them to know how to make the choices that set them on the path to those dreams. It’s hard work, though! The meme says “It takes a whole village to raise a kid but no one ever tells you where it is or how to get there.” So where do we start? The Lithgow Drug Action Taskforce (LDAT) is a group compromising representatives from local high schools, parents and carers, council, drug and alcohol, mental health, youth and community support services, and Police. The taskforce is supported by industry experts and advocate evidence-based strategies that work. In 2019 LDAT completed a survey of local youth to determine the internationally recognized strategies which will be most effective for our community. One of the key strategies is community awareness and education. 2020 restricted those activities. In 2021 LDAT are making up for lost time, with a great calendar of events in store. To Kick off LDAT will be banging the drum at LithGlow on May 8th so if you want to know more about LDAT, proven strategies that work to protect our youth, local survey results, have a chat or just come and make some noise with us, check out our stall-the one with the drums. You can also find more information at or follow us on facebook @planetyouthlithgow